ErotikaLand Brazil Theme Park, Opening Dates 2018, Tickets

ErotikaLand Brazil Theme Park Piracicaba, Opening Dates 2018, Price, Tickets Online. World's First Adult Sex-Themed Amusement Park With Nude Swimming, Erotic Museum, 7D Vibrating Seat Cinema & more.

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Welcome to ErotikaLand, the World’s First Adult Sex-Themed Amusement Park

You’ve seen a lot of Amusement Parks in your whole life and continuously seeing (If you’re alive) those. But, Have you ever wondered about the Amusement Park, which theme is based on Sex or Adults. Hahah..Funny enough But, True! Welcome to ErotikaLand, the World’s First Adult Sex-Themed Amusement Park, in Brazil (Brasil). Yes! you are reading right! It’s one of the World’s strangest Theme parks till the date. {ErotikaLand: El Nuevo Parque Erótico en Brasil}

Welcome to ErotikaLand, the World’s First Sex-Themed Amusement Park

Brazil is already so famous and well known for many things as like – Gorgeous People, Football (Soccer) Players, Rainforests, The Lambada and Martial Arts. Now, the country will add one more attraction in their list – The World’s First Sex Theme Park.

  • Ever wanted to ram someone in a bumper car shaped like a phallus? Brazil’s “Erotikaland” will have that and a lot more.
  • Erotika Land is all set to open in Piracicaba City in 2018. ‘ErotikaLand’ is planned to be an erotic version of Disneyland.
  • It will cost R $80 million (£15.5 million, or $22.5 million) to build, The New York Times reports.

Opening Dates, Tickets Price and How to Reach there?

The Erotikaland Theme park is scheduled to open in 2018 and just after 193 Days from the July 22, 2017. We can say, it’ll open near Valentine’s Day 2018 (14 February).

Now you must be thinking about, How to Reach there? Then, answer is here! The ErotikaLand Brasil Theme Park is situated opposite in the city Piracicaba. Erotikaland is set to be located a roughly 2-hour drive from Sao Paulo (São Paulo). Talking about the Tickets, It will charge a reported US$100 (£69) entrance fee.

ErotikaLand Images, Photos, HD Wallpapers and Project Pictures

This is what ErotikaLand may look like:




Plans for ErotikaLand include an erotic games arcade, sex shop and vibrating cinema. Picture: Source: Supplied



Owners of ErotikaLand and their views

  • Inside you’ll be treated to scantily-clad carnival dancer staff, an aphrodisiac food cafe and a ‘train of pleasure,’ whatever that means.
  • Matheus Erler, a member of the Christian Socialist Party who leads the Piracicaba City Council, told Veja Sao Paulo that the park would attract “debauched individuals”, but the man behind this venture, Mauro Morata, brushed aside such fears.

Mauro Morata, the man behind the project, says ErotikaLand would be safe and educational. Picture: Source: Supplied

Mauro Morata, who is leading the project along with his business partner Paulo Meireilles, said:

“We know it is a very ambitious project, but our intention is to make the site an international tourist spot,” says businessman Paulo Meirelles, one of the guys behind the project.

““This won’t be a place for nuns, but it’s not like we’re trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah. If attendees want to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby motel — which we will operate.”  Mauro Morata says.

Soft Love, who ran the project with a group of businessmen, told the website (MAY 2017):

“For now, the park project has been postponed in the reason of the current economic plus political crisis that Brazil has been facing.”

Amusements of the ErotikaLand Theme Park

More, Talking about the Amusement of the Parks,

The 80 Million Dollars Project ‘ErotikaLand’ Attractions will include a 7D cinema complete with vibrating seats, a nudist pool and erotic museum featuring art and sculptures.

  • The adults-only park plans to include a ‘7D’ cinema, with vibrating seats for an extra buzz while you watch some mature content.
  • Skinny dippers get a nudist pool, plus a naked water slide.
  • But, if the park’s erotic museum or erotic ferris wheel gets you too hot and bothered, you can’t just duck under a boob-shaped pavilion and go at it.
  • A “No sex at the park” rule will be strictly enforced, developers say, but they are building a hotel (Motels) nearby for couples who need some private time.
  • Visitors must be 18 years old and willing to pay 100$ for entering into the park.
  • Other features to be expected in ErotikaLand are erotic games, sexhopes and more.

ErotikaLand Brasil Main Attractions with Video

Here are the ‘main attractions’ of the park for those who wants to ‘come’:


ErotikaLand is not only for pleasure and entertainment, but also aims to educate people about safe sex as well. Staff will be on hand to encourage visitors to use condoms and practice safe sex within the Park. Talking about the success of ErotikaLand, This one will create a certain record in all over the world by making a new conceptual amusement theme park and after opening of the park, this will surely be appreciated by each and everybody, who visits. You think, you’ve to control your emotions, while visiting this..No Way! who cares..When Motels (Hotels) are here to cheer!

Keep connected with us more trending updates about ErotikaLand Theme Park based in Brasil (Brazil). Hope! Brazilian People and Government, both will give full allowance to this ErotikaLand.

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Have a Great and Sexy Day ahead.!

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